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The KDB Saga

The imminent departure of Belgian youngster, Kevin De Bruyne, away from Chelsea seems to be confirmed after the player has agreed personal terms with Bundesliga side Wolfsburg. The Germans have reportedly made a £18 million offer for the promising Playmaker. This comes on the eve of the 2014 WC for which KDB wants to cement … Continue reading

GTA V PC Please!

Every GTA Release becomes better than the last, with GTA maniacs like me rushing to get their copy of the version. This was evident in the Jam-Packed midnight launches I experienced for GTA 4. Even Vice City and San Andreas had similar receptions. But, GTA 5 doesn’t seem to be as exciting as the predecessor. … Continue reading

Intel vs AMD

Every technology enthusiast has to break his head when it comes to choosing between Intel and AMD for blowing money on a processor.People give long reviews, comparisons,benchmarks but an outcome for the same is far from reality.There isn’t a simple winner or loser here but lets list out the pros and cons, shouldn’t we? Let’s begin … Continue reading